Tuesday, June 9, 2009

LoSiNg mY rOoMaTe......

setiap pertemuan pasti berakhir dengan perpisahan.sometimes rasa cam x nak jer pertemuan sbb ku akui perpisahan pasti akan berlaku..huhuuhu..
actually, saya baru jer berpisah ngan rumate sbbnyer dia daa abes belajar kat uum.. saya ade 2 semester lagi di sana..
my loving roomate,,,,,,
for two years or 4 semesters (masa yang sangat lame kot) we had shared every detail of our lives, big or small, with each other. we constantly helped each other deal with all the pain, suffering and joy that comes with the new experiences you face as a teenager.. i depended on her for so many things(macam2 laaa), and she was unceasingly there for me. She always listened closely to my problems with a nonjudgmental ear and helped me solve them. When i desperately needed someone to laugh at my jokes and give me encouragement to follow my dreams, her words always reassured me. when i needed someone to help me understand why i cried, she simply cried with me.. I shared every secret with her (termasuklaa skandals, family,dan semua org yg berperangai PELIK.hehehehe...). Being around 'my roomate' helped me to learn who i was and who i wanted to be..ni laaa corat-coret pasal rum8 saya...bkan senang tau nak dpt rum8 yg boleh satu kepala ngan kita..

ni laa gmbr kitorg..(korang2 jgn jeles tau)lpas ni saya akan dapat rum8 baru.siapelaa manusia malang yang dapat rum8 ngan saya tu..takut plak..hehehe.. n to my rum8 i nak u tau that i love u so much,n maybe lepas nie, pictures of smilling faces and the sound of laughter played out in our head kan..kalau ade mase kita jumpe yerk..miss u always.. doakan i dpt rum8 satu kepala ngan i jugak cam u:-)hehehehe....

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  1. salam sepupu cik zahirah.. hehe

    lawo layout blog ye.. tapi guane ade cemar sikit2 tu.. rabus la dgn roba. hehe

    **slmt berblogging :)